Time to start the babies

Updated: Jul 9

We are getting so many questions about seeds and seedlings I wanted to help answer some of the most asked.

Where can I find the best seedlings?

Of course, we have some seeds and starts for sale and have plants available most of the year but if the timing is off and you find yourself at a garden center here are some tips.

Please don't buy anything on impulse. Most likely your soil isn't ready and you will leave the 6-packs out to dry and shrivel up before they have a chance to survive. Those baby plants are taken care of every day with the perfect amount of water, nutrients, and sun while they are at the nursery. You take them home and leave them on the porch thinking you will get to it later but most likely they won't make it to your garden. (I'm speaking from experience here, no judgment). Timing is everything and you don't want to waste your money by buying things that will only end up in the compost. Prep your garden and then head out to find your goodies.

Just because it's at the garden center does not mean it's the right time to plant it. I'm sure tomatoes are everywhere right now but I'd say wait until mid March to plant them in your garden. The days are still too short and the nights are cool. You will risk them being damaged and they will just sit and take up space.

Do I have to start everything from seed?

Nope. You will have higher success with plants that are ready to go in the ground. Seeds are great for specialty items and super fun to collect but take a lot longer to get growing. If you decide to start from seeds remember to keep consistent water on them and don't let them dry out. Too much sun or too cold will stunt or kill the little sprouts. Its nice to have a mix of direct seeded and plants for a diverse garden.

How do I know what to grow?

Grow what you like! If you don't like zucchini then don't grow it. Love spicy peppers? Then grow those. Want salad every week? Plant lettuce every 3 weeks for continuous supply. Its your garden, grow what you want.

Getting a new garden up and running takes time and money but after a few seasons it will be easier and your soil will be better. Just give it a shot and enjoy your efforts.

Happy almost spring!