Things to do in your garden-February

Updated: Jul 9

I know you are all busting at the seams to get in the garden. Don't get too ahead of the season, you still have plenty of time to prep your soil, weed, mulch, and start your seeds.

Some of the priorities at our farm right now are mulching all the perennials and trimming them back. Don't trim too hard because the nights are still cold. We cut ours down to about the height of our knees. Karissa and I are running about 5'6" so you do the math. Or guessing I'd say 16" is a good height.

Mulching basics. First off please don't buy mulch. Its offered for free from the City of Long Beach. You can get on the waitlist for a delivery or go get it yourself. Details are here . Everyone has an opinion about the mulch but we love it. It's free and we use it by the tons. It's perfect for walkways, and around the perennials. We do not use it in our annual planting beds or anywhere we will have to weed frequently.

If you have not already amended your soil now is a good time to do that. We had a recent rain so it's best to wait until the soil has a chance to dry out a bit. If not you run the risk of compacting your soil and one of the great goals is to have light and fluffy soil. You still have plenty of time to get in and work those beds a bit.

What to plant now?

  • artichokes

  • swiss chard

  • onions

  • kale

  • leeks

  • lettuce

  • summer squash

  • stir-fry mixes

What seeds to start now?

  • beans

  • fava beans

  • snap peas

  • lettuce

  • stir-fry mixes

  • radish

  • spinach

We are having plant sales on Fridays and Saturdays all spring, check the IG @farmlot59 for more details.

Our starts are healthy and everything is grown organically with no fertilizers or pesticides. They were grown in natural light and are cold tolerant meaning you do not have to "harden them off" before you can plant them. What's ready from us is what you should be planting now. Trust us, we know stuff.

We also have some of our specialty seeds for sale and are having a Seed Workshop on March 18th.

See you on the farm soon!