Pandemic in 2020

This morning I woke up thinking of the blur that was 2020. Talking to some friends last night they barely remember what happened. They worked from home ( or didn't work at all ) and drank a lot. None of that happened for our little farm.

When the restaurants closed we scrambled to do everything we could. We donated produce to PANXA for their fundraisers to support their workers. We hustled flowers, we started throwing together Farm Boxes, and did an honor system. If you could pay great, if not that's ok too. Nobody was going to get turned away. The problem was our produce production was geared toward restaurants. It was a lot of edible flowers, microgreens, spicy peppers, specialty herbs. Not really food. Well, that was great to pay the bills and keep the farm rolling. It was not going to feed the community.

Karissa and I did the best we could. We scrambled to change crops over mid-spring and get more food in the ground. Liana and Caitlin wrote grants and tried to find funding to support the farm all while facing their own struggles with the pandemic. Not to be missed that I am a single mom with a then 3rd grader. I had only been separated from my husband of 20 years for 8 months and we were in public school for the first time. It was a very stressful time for a lot of people.

As a small farm not managed by anyone other than ourselves and not under contract we were able to switch gears quickly. Growing in SoCal means we can grow year-round and it's never actually too late to plant crops.

We fed the community what we could and then decided that we were not going back to the restaurant industry. We were going to start our Farm Lot Gives program and feed the ones who need it most.

Let's just give it all away...

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