Growing Season

A lot goes into planning a season of growing. Us farmers are thinking months ahead of the current season. Summer seeds get ordered in December, winter planning happens in August while we are working the fields in 100º heat. It's a challenge to stay in the moment and enjoy what's currently happening. Sometimes we have to just stop and smell the flowers, literally.

If you are gardening in raised beds or planning 100 acres they say it's time and money that are the biggest factors. I don't know if that's true. For years I grew vegetables for restaurants and that's what made money to keep building the farm but that's not what I wanted to grow. I'm much happier now growing what I want. More blooms please!

If you are growing for yourself and your family rule #1 is to grow what you want to eat. Don't like bell peppers? That's ok then don't grow them. But stay open minded and maybe you just don't like store bought bell peppers that are out of season. Give yourself a few plants every season that are new to you if you don't like them then gift your neighbors or join the Crop Swap.

If you are growing at home like most of us are the best bang for your space is to grow herbs and salad. These are things that are perfect to have on hand. Need a sprig of thyme for herb potatoes? Np. Want salad for dinner and don't want to run to the market? NBD, snip snip. Herbs and lettuce are also forgiving and will come back after you cut them so one little oregano plant can last for a few years. Basil however will only last a season so make sure to plant heavy and use it on everything. Want a continuous supply of salad? Sew the seeds every 2 or 3 weeks.

There's so much to share as far as seed selection, calculating, seed starting, and how to work in a greenhouse or make one at home. A great place to start is Johnny's Seeds Grower's Library. They have seed starting calculators that are very helpful.

We hope you are planning to attend our first season of Urban Farm School. Day one we will be talking about planning and what you want to get out of the session. You need to come with your Vision Board which we will help you get going when you join the private forum.

Enjoy the winter. Spring will be here soon!


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