Get ready for spring!

So much planning and preparation go into a successful season of growing. There are a ton of seed companies and local nurseries to support. It's hard to decide which ones have what you need.

After all these years I finally decided that it's really hard to do everything well. It's rare that everything comes together and the beds are prepped, the plugs are ready and the weather is perfect. Sometimes you screw up the math, late frost, bugs come early and a mouse gets in the greenhouse. It all happened to me and it's always such a hard blow when you think you are going to plant your starts but end up waiting for the weather or scrambling to fix a mistake.

Here's a list of resources I put together to help you have a successful start to your 2022 growing season.

Don't forget our Urban Farm School is happening on January 22nd and runs for 6-weeks. You will learn so much about growing great veggies after spending your time on our farm. Read more and sign up here!

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