Bouquet Making

It's finally summer and we are rolling in flowers at the farm. I hope you all have been stopping by on Friday mornings to see the bounty and to take a little bundle of sunshine home.

Over the last decade, we have made thousands of market bouquets and I wanted to share a little insight into how we put those signature bunches together.

I like to think of it as a little story we are going to tell. So many of our guests are weekly customers so we make a point to make a different "story" every week. Using different color pallets and textures to create something different from what they received last week. Most of our flowers last over a week so I would hate for the weekly refresh to look like last week's blooms.

Next, we figure out the recipe. Different bouquet sizes have different stem counts, we also have to figure out what shapes fit together. Spear, disc, and whispy all have a place but not too much of one thing. There's a balance that has to happen to fill out the bunch and make a well-rounded arrangement.

As you are putting your blooms together don't forget to give it a little turn after you add a few stems to make sure it's nice and round. Wrap it up in paper, tie it with a ribbon and give a very thoughtful gift. Everyone loves flowers.

Join us on July 16th for a farm tour and bouquet-making tutorial on the farm. We will walk the field and talk about flowers and you will get to make the perfect bouquet to take home with you.