Community Programs

We would love to have you on the farm for a volunteer day, community service, field trip or tour.

Please fill out this waiver and bring it with you.

Farm Volunteer

This summer we welcome you on Community Farm days. Please subscribe to the newsletter for dates and times or follow us on Instagram @farmersash.


Please arrive on time. Park at the top by the main entrance off California Ave and walk down the road, the entrance to the farm is at the bottom. 

No experience necessary at all but you must come with water and proper shoes. I also recommend bringing snacks, sunscreen and a hat. Most seasoned volunteers have a "kit" that they bring. Some use gloves, some bring their favorite clippers or digging forks!

These days are meant to get some serious farming done and see what urban agriculture is really about. The work range could be weeding, greenhouse, trimming. mulching, washing buckets, seeding, transplanting, you just never know what the farm will need. 

Public Programs

Farm Lot 59’s Public Programs directly reach a growing and diverse group of adults and youth from around the South Bay area. We offer monthly tours, seasonal workshops, weekly volunteer farm days, quarterly potlucks, plant sales, and farm dinners.

Check the calendar section to see what's happening. 

Work Readiness

Our work readiness program is in collaboration with LBCC and their workforce. Also culinary focused these students need job skills training and an idea of working directly with a farm to source ingredients for their menu ingredients. 

Youth Education

Our Youth Education Program engages students from Browning High School who are focused on a culinary track. We teach the principles of environmental stewardship, food justice, nutrition, regenerative agriculture, leadership and community action. Our partner school is in its first year of operation and we intend to increase our programing as our relationship develops.

Elementary Education Program

Long Beach area students are exposed to seed starting and composting. They learn how to take care of seeds, what makes a seed happy, and how to be a good farmer to a seed. They use fine motor skills and listening skills. They learn the difference between dirt and healthy soil. Children learn just how important little worms actually are.


We have a great location for your Scout Service Project. If you are interested in planting trees, something involving sustainability and farm infrastructure improvements. We can help guide your passion to get the project completed. 

Farm Lot 59 has a lot of opportunity for green projects. Building benches, living roof, rain barrel, mulching, weeding, native planting, habitat restoration. If it's outside and green we can help make it happen!

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Long Beach Local is an agriculture based official 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on donations, grant funding and the sale of our farm products to cover our operational costs. Our mission Incubating Urban Farming & Food Education from the ground up. We serve Long Beach and the surrounding area. 2714 California Ave, 90755