We sell flowers to support our mission.

Farm Lot 59 is a working urban farm that specializes in growing rare and unusual varieties of flowers and organic vegetables. We envision a world where we serve as a center for community engagement and wellness - it is not our farm, it is yours. We provide our neighbors with the vegetables we grow. Serving vulnerable populations in our community, to help with immediate food needs and inspire them to eat and live healthily. We use our farm to host educational, volunteer, and other events that bring together our community to learn about the benefits and possibilities of urban farming and so much more. We fund our efforts through sales of the unique flowers we grow and through your generous donations.



1000's of youth

Since 2010 Farm Lot 59 has served the community hosting 1,000's of youth in our outdoor education programming, providing an open space where people can come and learn about growing food for themselves or others. We have incubated many small businesses and inspired farmers to go rural and start bigger farms. We have helped changed policies and fought for healthy food access. 



2,500 lbs

Since 2020 when we decided to provide fresh food security through the pandemic, we have been able to harvest over 2,500 pounds of organic produce and donate over 2,000 healthy meals . 

We donate our edible crops to vulnerable populations in our community to help with immediate food needs and empower them to eat and live healthily. We donate directly to the food bank on 14th Street.



community needs

When Covid hit in March of 2020 we switched gears and knew what we needed to do. We donated our produce to our local restaurant partners to help keep them afloat and then thought about the bigger problems our community would be facing.



with your support

Our goal is to continue to be the urban farm for the people. We want to continue to provide produce along with recipe cards to those who need it most. Giving away food is one thing, but teaching locals how to make nutrient-dense recipes is our vision.

We appreciate the community’s support to ensure we can continue our work. 

kids farming

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